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Welcome to the Servotool website. The address for ordering spare parts and accessories for your machine


The warranty of all FERAX machines has expired

Do you have a machine failure? 
Please first check the FAQ of the manual to see if the problem can be simply solved by yourself.

Almost all the manuals related to the regarding machines, old and new, are easily downloadable. Simply navigate through the product groups in the left menu bar, by selecting a main group and a sub group. You can also use the quick search application which can be found on the top right of this page.

Buy accessories and spare parts? 
You want to purchase accessories or spare parts for your machine? Our web shop enables you to search and order machine-related spare parts and accessories quick, easy and inexpensive. You can find the parts and accessories available by navigating through the menu or with the help of the search application on the top right. Available accessories and spare parts are equipped with a small clickable basket icon. To know what spare parts you have to buy to fix your defect you have to look at the Exploded view, or if none available, consult the manual.